Simply the best


Henrac Technology was founded in 2015 with only two primary missions, to be truly ‘customer focused’ and to offer a very select range of products which are all, simply the ‘best in class’ offering you our valued customers the best possible value. The large number of testimonials, repeat business and referrals attest to this fact.

All products are extensively tested and where necessary enhanced or revised from a wide range of suppliers prior to been made available on this site. The result is a range of products offering both performance and competitive pricing that cannot easily be matched.

Some examples are: Android TV Boxes – We are the only entity to have developed our own firmware which results in a superior performing TV Box that supports all known applications (e.g. DSTV Now, Showmax etc.) and will seldom, if ever ‘hang’. We also offer the Windows TV boxes as an alternative compact PC solution for your entertainment needs.

HDMI Solutions : HDMI Matrix | HDMI Extenders| HDMI Switch | HDMI Splitter |Converters  developed  in conjunction with a reputable design house and factory. The result is a product range that out performs all similarly priced products and are on par with other products costing up to 10x the price!​

We are also a reputable supplier of Dog training collars/ Containment electronic fences / Anti barking collars Products  with a wide range of customers from well know professional dog trainers to Private owners with misbehaving dogs- As animal lovers we take a very serious cause to the safety of your Dogs and only in-trust our products to be safe, secure and effective for training and correcting bad behavior.