Wireless Charge Receiver for iPhone with a Lightning connector

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Wireless Charge any Cell Phone by adding this receiver. Suitable for all most iPhones which do not support wireless charge.

Ever had minor family disputes about who can charge their phones where on what plug and which charger port .. good news this issue is now resolved. Convert all your families cell phones to wireless charging and distribute 'wireless charging pads' throughout your home. Each phone irrespective of model can now simply be placed on any one of the charge pads and left to charge.

How it works?

Wireless charging works via 'induction' meaning you will need.

1) a wireless charge pad connected to your existing charger which then acts as a 'transmitter'.

2) a wireless receiver which acts as a voltage receiver coil. In several cell phone models these coils are already 'build-in' by the manufacturer. If your particular model does 'NOT Support Wireless Charge' then you simply need to add a receiver to make it wireless charge compliant. if your Cell phone does support wireless charge then you will only need a charge pad. Charge pads can charge any combination of cell phones and models.

Simply remove your cell phone cover and connect the receiver connector to your cell phone. The fold the reciever towards the back of your phone and replace the cover. see additional images for this product top left.

Ligthning is a single direction connector and is found on iPhone models such a series 5, 6 and 7 etc.

Process to follow before selecting your products:-

1. check your manufacturer specifications if you cell phone supports 'wireless charge' or not

2. If 'YES' you will only need a charge pad. If 'NO' you will need to add a receiver.

3. Check which type of connector your phone has. If iPhone series 5, 6 or 7 then you need this receiver.

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