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H96 Pro + i8 keyboard mega sale

!!CRAZY SPECIAL ….2DAY ONLY. ANDROID TV BOX: H96 Pro 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Amlogic S912 8x Core CPU, Android 7.1.2. LIMITED STOCK. *ends 06/02/2019 @ 21h00

Includes: H96Pro Android TV Box, 1.2m HDMI cable, IR Remote, Power supply and i8 Wireless Keyboard Mouse for ease of navigation. Latest firmware build and updated preloaded Apps.

Buyers Guide to ‘Online Shopping’ – Payment FAQ

Guide for customers that are not familiar with the process and concept regarding ‘online shopping’ with Henrac Technology. Online Shopping website may also referred to as an ‘eCommerce Site’.

Surf our website and identify the product/s you would like to purchase. Click on the products images themselves and scroll down to view more detail. Note: all highlighted ‘Blue’ text has a hyperlink. This means clicking on the text will take you to the website page described by that text. E.g. clicking on the blue text ‘Shopping Cart’ (top right) will open the website page containing your shopping cart, you can then click the ‘back’ arrow of your browser or ‘continue shopping’ to return to the page you were previously on.

For illustration purposes only, the guide will follow the purchase of a ’Android TV Box’. (The product itself, pricing and all other associated details are for this guide only and subject to change without prior notice). The actual ‘live’ website is the only correct source for current product details and pricing etc.

What is my ‘Shopping Cart’?

Your ‘Shopping Cart’ is an overview of the product/s, quantity and options you wish to purchase. All aspects of the product/s can be edited or even removed from the Shopping Cart. Only once you are in agreement that the Shopping Cart correctly reflects all items and configurations you wish to purchase must you select ‘Checkout’ button.

Selecting Products & Options to add to your Shopping Cart

Once you have identified the specific product you wish to purchase you have three options to follow: –

  1. Product Purchase (without any optional items): If you only wish to purchase a single item without any recommended optional items then click on the  ‘Buy Now’ button below the product and then proceed to Illustration_3 – Shopping Cart. You will be automatically directed to your ‘Shopping Cart’ and from there be able to select your required quantity and commence the ‘Checkout’ process.

Illustration_1: Product Category Page

2. Product Purchase (incl. optional items): Some products have optional items as recommended by us. These must be selected before going to your “Shopping Cart. Note, buying any product as an ‘optional item to another main product’ generally offers you the customer a better price as opposed to buying it as a single item. If you require any options click on the product image itself, select the options you may require and only then select ‘ Add to Cart (in-stock)’ button.

Illustration_2: Product ‘Options Selection’

3. Product Purchase (of Multiple Products): To add another product from within your Shopping Cart (bottom left) select ‘Continue Shopping. Note once you have ‘added’ a product will remain in your Cart unless deleted or removed. Continue shopping and adding items to your ‘Shopping Cart’ as desired.

The ‘Shopping Cart icon’ located bottom right of any page will indicate the total number of products and value in your Shopping Cart. Once your are satisfied this is correct ‘[click] on this icon.

Illustration-3: My Shopping Cart

Once you have entered your email address and selected ‘Checkout’ the next step will be to complete your personal details, delivery address and delivery method. These details MUST be correct to ensure your order is correctly delivered. 

see ‘Illustration_4’ below ‘Shipping Details’

Shipping Details (and Delivery Options) page

On this page you will enter your contact details, physical address for the delivery and the your preferred method of delivery.

Just below ‘Enter your physical Delivery Address or’ their is an option to ‘Login or create a new account’. 

Login: If you are a returning customer an have previously created a Login (email address & password) please enter it here. Our system will then populate all you details and address fields. If you have forgotten your password select this option and then password reset. 

Create a new Account: if you have not yet created an account select ‘Get Sign-In Link’. A link will be sent to your specified email address. Go to your email and click on the link and follow the prompts. 

Note: Login or Create a new Account is optional but useful for tracking your orders and saving you having to enter your details each time you buy from us.

Illustration_4 – Shipping Details

Delivery Options

For your convenience several delivery options are offered. Selecting the best option depends on the physical delivery address ‘postal code’ as specified on your order.

Courier Delivery (door to door)

1. Metro areas: if you work/reside in a metro city or town, we recommend selecting ‘metro courier’ as both the fastest and most cost effective delivery option. This service is Door to Door courier, countrywide. Deliveries are Monday – Friday 08h00 – 17h00 (excluding public holidays). Due to the above work addresses are most commonly used. 

The majority of our courier shipments are dispatched via National Satchels Bags. Within 24hrs of order ‘payment received’ confirmation you will receive an automated email containing all relevant delivery details and tracking number. 

2. Rural Areas: if you reside within a rural areawe recommend selecting ‘Postnet to Postnet’ as the most cost effective delivery option. The courier delivery option will however be available to you but is not consider as cost effective when compared to Postnet.

How long does Metro Courier delivery take?

We ship from within Gauteng which has an average of 1-2 days delivery, Durban 1-3 days while Cape Town is 3-4 days

Postnet to Postnet

 3. This is the preferred option if you reside in a non-metro region or city. Should you select this option, please email us the name of your closest branch to where your order will be sent. Upon arrival you will receive an sms stating your order is ready for collection. You will also receive an automated email from us with your tracking number and link. Ensure you have your ID when collecting

Postnet branch locator [click here]

The majority of our products are dispatched via National Satchels Bags. Within 24hrs of order ‘payment received’ confirmation you will receive an automated email containing all relevant delivery details and tracking number.

How long does Postnet shipping take? 

We ship from within Gauteng which has an average of 2-4 days delivery to your selected Postnet store.

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