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A kids GPS Tracking watch is a must have for parents these days. Crimes against children have risen over the past years and kidnapping and abduction stories have left parents sleepless. No one can keep a child within the constraints of his or her home and expect them to grow up in a proper fashion. Thus, sooner or later parents will have to let their kids go to schools and other places where they can socialize with other children and learn as a team. However, parents are not able to keep a constant eye on their children due to this. Thus, technology comes as a savior in the form of GPS tracker watches for kids. Using Global Positioning System and satellite communication, a GPS tracker is able to determine  location and send it back to remote devices controlling it. GPS tracking watches look just like ordinary electronic watches but can connect with remote devices to keep parents informed about the child’s exact whereabouts. Our watches have additional features to enhance the safety of the child. The watch comes with a Single SOS push button. Supports GPS Positioning, standard voice calls and voice messaging (similar to WeChat, WhatsApp). Monitor phone (also known as a Guardian Phone) can via activated high sensitivity microphone listen/monitor the audio around your child. Pedometer Function. Step Calculate function and Health plan step. Alarm can be sent to your phone when the watch position is outside a predefined area e.g. geo-fence area around a school.

GPS tracking watches

Today, in our busy lives, one of the greatest fears for some is that a mentally impaired relative, be it child or adult, stray away and get lost. It can be a terrifying prospect. All too often we hear about Alzheimer’s sufferers and people with dementia wandering off, without medication, adequate clothing or a means of being contacted, such as a phone. Relatives find themselves in a difficult situation whereby time is of the essence in locating their loved one, yet summoning help from the Police is not likely to help as they could be anywhere, out of sight of public roads.

All of our Geo watches use GPS technology to report highly accurate location data in real-time to any relatives using the dedicated app on their mobile phone. The built-in GPS trackers are accurate to within a couple of meters so are of huge value as a tracker for the mentally impaired. Not only can it keep track of people with dementia or autism who may be non-verbal, it has a built-in phone so relatives can make phone calls to it and the person wearing it can also phone pre-programmed phone numbers with just one or two button presses. There is also an SOS button for emergency situations. The watches can be used both at home and abroad. There is a Geo-fence function built into the watch whereby a guardian can configure a safe area on a map. This area can be any size from 200 metres up to several kilometres. If the watch leaves this safe zone the guardians immediately get a notification on their phones to alert them. There are two other types of notifications which can be very useful. One alerts guardians when the watch’s battery is running low, One other useful feature is what’s called silent monitoring. If a guardian is trying to contact the wearer by Phoning the watch but for whatever reason, they are unable to answer, the guardian can call the watch in such a way that the watch automatically answers, allowing the guardian to listen to whatever is happening. Although the Geo watches are not suitable for swimming, they are water resistant and so can be worn outdoors in the rain. The companion app is available for both Android and iOS devices.