HDMI Extender Balun (pair), Full HD, 45M, CAT, IR support

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Extend your Full HD signals from any HDMI source device such as a satellite decoder, media and/or DVD player to a separate locations (e.g. bedrooms, boardroom) up to 45m. Units are powered via 5VDC external PSU.

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The Extender's Sender unit incorporates a 2 Way splitter and has both a HDMI Input and local Output. This makes this device perfect for extending a HDMI source such as a DSTV decoder to an extended location e.g bedroom / boardroom without the need for a splitter. The HDMI source output (DSTV decoder) connects to the HDMI input of the Extender Sender unit. The Sender units HDMI output then connects to the local TV located close to the decoder.

The extension is via CAT cable - CAT6 Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP) cable is recommended for best results. CAT cables can fit into your home conduit which houses the existing RF coaxial cable. These cables can be used a 'pull wire' for ease of installation.

With 'IR (Infrared) Source Support' the remote control of any HDMI source such a DSTV decoder will work from the extended location through the extender. This unit is supplied with both a IR-Tx (eye mounted above your HDMI source e.g. decoder) and IR-Rx cable (eye mounts just below your TV).

CAT Cable HDMI Extenders are often use in conjunction with a Switch-Splitter or a Matrix if numerous extentions are required.

DIY Kits should include

1) CAT6 FTP cables. (various lengths available)

2) RJ45 connectors and boots,

3) Crimping Tool

4) Cable Tester

5) Short HDMI cable (0.3m). Mirror tape the extender receiver to the back on the extended location TV and use this very short HDMI cable for a neat connection.

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HDMI Extender via single CAT5e/6, HDMI Balun Extender, Audio Visual distribution

HDMI Extender via single CAT5e , CAT6 cable from 30m of 120m. HDMI Extenders via Fibre Optical cable up to 20km. Widest range of HDMI Balun Extenders. Audi Visual Extender. Best Quality & Best Pricing. Courier Delivery anywhere in South Africa.