Remote Control, DSTV Explora 1 A6

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Original DSTV Explora1 A6 remote control (includes 2x AA Alkaline Batteries). Compatible with Explorer 2

DSTV Explora 2 decoder remote controls (model A7) have a limited range when used in conjunction with any of our HDMI extender products such as Balun pairs or HDMI Matrix products. When using HDMI extender products it is common practice to purchase additional remote controls for all the extended locations.

We recommend that this model A6 remote control is used at all the extended locations for both Explora 1 & 2 decoders. The Explora 2 A7 remote control that was supplied with the decoder should remain in the location where it has line of sight with the decoder itself.

NB: when installing any HDMI extender products (Balun pair, Splitter and Matrix etc.) use this A6 remote at all the extended locations to control both the Explora 1 and Explora 2.

When an Explora 2 is used with any of our HDMI Extender products: DO NOT purchase additional Explora 2 (model A7) remote controls they have very limited range (i.e. they do not work correctly at the extended locations)

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