4x2 HDMI Matrix True, Ultra HD (4K), 3D, powered 5VDC

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True HDMI Matrix with 4x HDMI inputs and 2x HDMI outputs. Supports Ultra HD or 4K resolution (3820 x 2160) and 3D, powered 5VDC PSU.

A Matrix selects any of the 4x HDMI inputs to any of the 2x outputs. The video image displayed on each output can be different and independent from any other output (different HDMI sources can simultaneously be routed to different outputs).

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Refer to the additional product image/s for an illustration of a typical wiring diagram.

General Note on HDMI Cables: The recommended maximum length of a HDMI cable is 15m. For cable requirements of greater distances or instances where the HDMI connectors themselves cannot fit through your conduit a HDMI Extender (connects via CAT cable or Fibre optic etc.) will be required.

If your existing HDMI signal is 'weak and intermittent' you may consider a inline HDMI Signal Booster to achieve a max. cable length of 30m.

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