8x8 HDMI Matrix Extender True v2, 60M, IR Source Support.

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8x8 Matrix HDMI Extender, 60m via CAT cable, 1080p, Full Remote Control of Input Selection and HDMI source devices (e.g. decoder) from all Extended Locations | BEST SELLER |

Ultimate in HDMI / Audio Visual distribution for your home or office. Any single one of 8x selected HDMI inputs can be switched to anyone of 8x televisions independently of any other selections. Extend your Full HD signals from any 8x HDMI devices such as decoders, media and DVD players to 8x separate locations (e.g. entertainment area, bedrooms, boardroom etc.).

The extension is via CAT6 Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP) cable. 3-4 CAT cables can fit into your home conduit which in most cases currently houses the old coaxial cable cable which at best offered standard definition. These cables can be used a 'pull wire'. Full remote control to the HDMI devices from any location. Dad can watch sport on any desired TV while the kids can watch on any of the 7x remaining TV's and Mom can watch DVD's/movies on any of the 6 remaining TV's or all can watch the same on any selected TV's ... the choice of which HDMI devices is displayed on which TV is entirely yours .... any HDMI source device to any TV at a single touch of a button.

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Recommended options for ease of installation:

CAT cable, RJ45 connectors, crimping and test tools [click here]

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Package Contents

1x 8x8 HDMI MATRIX EXTENDER over CAT (main control unit)

8x Receiver units for extended locations. (IR source support and digital audio out)

1x Power supply unit, 10w, 12V/5A (main unit power)

8x Power supply unit, 5w, 5V/1A (receiver units)

8x IR TX eye and cable (Matrix to HDMI source device)

9x IR RX eye and cable (receivers for remote control )

2x 19"rack mounting brackets (required when located in a server cabinet)

1x RS232 / Eternet patch cable

1x Operation Manual (note several customers have integrated with 'control 4' and other)

Technical Specifications

Video Bandwidth: 165MHz

Support Video Resolution 480i,576i,480p,576p,720p,1080i, 1080p @ 24/30/50/60Hz

Input Ports 8x HDMI

Output Ports: 8x IR Extender, 1×RS -232, 1×RJ-45(Control) ,1x Matrix IR Extender 8x CAT (UTP), 8x IR Extender, 2xHDMI , 8x Audio

ESD Protection: ± 8kV (Air -gap discharge), ± 4kV (Contact discharge)

Power Supply: 12 V/5 A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)

Dimensions: 440 mm (W)×2 00 mm (D)× 45 mm (H)

Weight: 1.82 Kgs

Chas sis Material: Metal Silkscreen ,Black

Operating Temperature: 0 ºC~40 ºC/32 ºF~104 ºF −20

Storage Temperature: ºC~60 ºC/−4 ºF~140 ºF 20~90

Relative Humidity : 20~90% RH (non-condensing)

Power Consumption: 60 W(max) / 0.5W(Standby)

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