2×2 or 1×4 HDMI SPLITTER EXTENDER, Full HD, 60M, IR Source Support.

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This unique full HD (1080p) HDMI SPLITTER EXTENDER has the ability to via a simple toggle switch on the front panel select between two modes (as requested by several of our customers):-

1) Mode A = 1×4, 1x input split to 4x extended outputs via CAT5e/6 cable, upto 60m

2) Mode B= 2×2, 2x inputs splits to 2x A outputs and 2x B outputs via CAT5e/6 cable, upto 60m

The unit supports IR source support meaning the remote controls of the HDMI source devices (e.g DSTV decoder etc.) will work seamlessly from any of the extended locations. Both Input A and input B have ‘HDMI pass-though’ which is a 2way splitter for direct connection via HDMI cable to the main television located closest to the main unit. For ease of mounting the main unit is 19″ and includes and internal power supply.

Assuming your CAT cables have been installed and tested the unit comes completes with everything else required, 4x Balun HDMI extender receiver units, 4x power supplies and IR TX and RX eyes.

For more detail please refer to the full specifications below and the additional product images including recommended ‘connection diagrams’.

Even though this unit is rated 60m, should any one of your CAT cables be +/-50M we recommend you consider our 120m version of this product.

Package Includes

1 x main unit (19″ for ease of mounting)

1 x kettle cord, mains power cable

4 x 60m HDMI Balun Extenders

4 x IR RX cables (connect to receivers for IR source support)

4 x Power supplies (12VDC 2A for receivers)

2 x IR TX cables (connect to main unit for IR source support)

1 x User manual

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Refer to the additional product image/s for an illustration of a typical wiring diagram.

General Note on HDMI Cables: The recommended maximum length of a HDMI cable is 15m. For cable requirements of greater distances or instances where the HDMI connectors themselves cannot fit through your conduit a HDMI Extender (connects via CAT cable or Fibre optic etc.) will be required.

If your existing HDMI signal is ‘weak and intermittent’ you may consider a inline HDMI Signal Booster to achieve a max. cable length of 30m.

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