Animal Live Stock GPS Tracker Tag Collar, Waterproof

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Animal Live Stock GPS Tracker Tag Collar. Keep 24/7 track of your most valued assets with this superior quality GPS tracking devices. The devices comes complete with a collar and tag holder for you Dogs or Cats etc. and is waterproof rating IP67.

The device is also suitable for tracking almost anything such adults (Alzheimer's), children, shipments, transport, lost baggage, livestock, game tracking etc. The device is fully configured and all data monitored via a (free) application installed on your Cell Phone. The application supports both Android (Samsung etc.) or IOS (iPhone/Apple) and can be installed on any number of phones to track the device e.g same application can be installed on Mom, Dad, Grandparents, care center, Baby sitters phones. These contacts are known as Guardian Phones.

The watch requires a GSM 'Micro SIM card' to function (with data enabled) obtained from your preferred network operator (supports prepaid SIM cards).

Watch Features:

  • Three Positioning Methods to ensure you are always in-touch: 1) Real time GPS Satellite location with an accuracy of 5-10 meters. The application will indicate when positioning is via GPS (most accurate). If GPS signal is not available the watch will first try 2) WIFI positioning (10-30m) and then 3) LBS (location based service) which makes use of your cellular networks cell tower information (100-300m)
  • Geo-fence Boundary Alarm: should the device move out of a particular boundary an alarm will be sent. Set via the app.
  • Historical Route: the application will keep a historical record of all the watches movements for the past 3 months
  • SOS . Signal is sent to all 3x the cellphone contacts listed in the apps SOS section.
  • Audio Listen Monitor: should you be uneasy about a particular situation you can via the app activate a high sensitivity microphone to 'listen in' to the audio around the watch. No indication of this feature been engaged is displayed on the watch.
  • Waterproof: This device also known as a Tag or GPS Bracelet is waterproof (IP67) and can be submerged in water to a depth on 1m. Suitable for swimming breeds.

Detailed Specifications

ColorTag - black / Collar holder - Black / Collar - Black
Net weight36g
Size52 x 38 x 16mm
ButtonsPower button(P) and function button(F)
GSM antennaFour frequency PIFA antenna
Battery1000mAh (2 weeks standby, average recharge is 8 days *depending on usage)
SIM card slotone slot (micro)
I/O portMagnetic suction charging
ChipsetMTK MT2503A
GPRSClass 12
GPS signalL1,1575.42MHz C/A code
GPS channels22 channels
GPS chipTracking Sensitivity:- 165dBm, acquisition sensitivity:-148dBm
GPS accuracy5~15m
LBS accuracy100-1000m
Minimum standby current<0.5 mA
Average standby current<2.5 mA
Average working currency<55mA
Working temperature-20~70℃
working humidity5% to 95%
GPS antennaBuilt-in high sensitivity ceramic antenna
GSM antennaFour frequency PIFA antenna
Bluetoothbluetooth 3.0(Normal closed)
Supported OSSupport android 2.3 or above ,IOS5.0 or above
GSM+GPRS+GPSGPS+LBS+Wifi positioning
AGPSCool start 26s positioning
Power manageUltra low power consumption of power management, intelligent dormancy (sleep mode - battery saving function)
Record functionSelect the record function on the APP, and then the device can be record actomate, after record,will send back to APP directly.
GeofenceOutside the range setting will automatically generate an alarm
Historical trackThree month's historical data
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