5-1 Home Ultrasonic Mosquito + Pest Repeller, Air Purification with Smart Night Light

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5 in 1 Home Pest Control, Ultrasonic Mosquito and Pest Repeller, Electronic rodent repeller with Air Purification and Smart Night Light all in a convenient wall plug-in unit.

Using three high-powered technologies, this Pest Repeller creates an invisible shield to protect your home from a large variety of insects and rodents etc. (mosquito, bed bugs, rats, mice, spiders, ants, roaches and many more). You won’t hear a thing as pests are driven from your home by the combined power of ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic technology.

5-in-1 Multi-functional: Ultrasonic + Electromagnetic + Anion + Smart Night Light + Pet Friendly Mode; This Seicosy Pest Repeller is the original indoor ultrasonic pest repeller and the only one with three powerful pest controlling functions. Non-toxic,Eco-friendly, Safe and maintenance free.
Unit also features a NIGHT LIGHT that you can turn off or set to turn on automatically when the lights go out. It also has a PET FRIENDLY setting, which enables you to use the device without disturbing your pets.

Important Notice: The impact on flying insects such as mosquito’s is within minutes. On resident pests this period may be longer. Once activated resident ground based insects will come out of hiding to seek locations away from the repeller (can’t stand ultrasonic interference). This may create the initial illusion that insects may now have become more (they are same insects just more visible now). It is initially recommended to leave the unit on for at 1 least 1-2 weeks where after only nightly activation may be required. Note that certain stubborn pests could take 1-4 weeks to repel certain.

Product Details:

1 Pack of Ultrasonic Pest Repellers
Standard Wall Plug-In 230VAC, 8W
Repels Mosquitos, Spiders, Cockroaches, Mice, Ants and More
Emits Ecofriendly Ultrasonic Waves
Child, Family, Pet and Insect Safe
Indoor Use Only (Year-Round Protection)
Effective Coverage: <50m2 (500 sq. ft) per Device

Technical Parameters of SK-212

ultrasonic mosquito repeller:




8watt 220-230VAC

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Individually packaged mail box size






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