Mosquito, Bug, Insect UV Zapper Killer, Dual UV Lamp 20W

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Electronic Insect Zapper Killer, Mosquito & Bug Exterminator, Dual UV Lamp

Chemical-free pest control with absolutely NO Odors, NO Fumes, NO sprays, NO mess, NO Lamp Residue. 100% SAFE FOR HUMANS AND PETS.

How it Works: The Dual high power Ultraviolet light bulbs (2x10W) offer insects a far greater attraction than your conventional surrounding lights or TV etc. Effective extermination is via a high frequency pulse which occurs when the insect makes contact with the guard wires. NB: UV light is also known to purify your surrounding air and addition kills many harmful airborne bacteria.

Simple & Easy Installation: Simply plug into any wall socket and ‘Switch On’ (2-pin EU round plug) Mounting: can wall hung via a hook or be table top standing, portable. For indoor or undercover USE ONLY. Effective area <50m2.

Easy to Clean: Insects drop into a removable, washable collection tray. Also constructed with an aluminum body and replaceable bulbs, you’ll never need another insect killer again. Ultra-portable too.

Typical Applications: home (patios, verandas and porches), farms, small holdings, hospitals, kitchens, and office. Irresistible for flying insects. Instantly kills flies, mosquitoes and other flying pests.

Product Size: 40*28*9.5cm,


Effective Area: 50㎡,

Power Consumption: 230VAC, 20W

Replacement Bulbs: UV T8 Modulator Tube, Magnetic Ballast 6-8W

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