Muscle AB Stimulation EMS / Massage Toner Kit

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3-Piece New Smart Fitness Abdominal Waist Body Muscle EMS Trainer Gear Massage Kit – latest tech craze!!

Simply apply the three GEL pads connect the controllers and select you settings

Product description

  • Adopting EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, emits up to 600 electromagnetic pulses per minute.
  • Suitable for abdomen, leg, shoulder, arm, back, neck, hips etc.
  • 6 exercise modes and 12 minutes working time. You can adjust both according to your training requirements.
  • You can massage your muscles when watching TV, doing housework or in professional gyms. It is highly compatible and can be used anytime anywhere.
  • The fitness apparatus is made of high-quality and Eco-friendly ABS and the massage pads are made of PU, which is anti-wear and can be used for long lifetime.
  • Requires a total of 6x AAA Batteries (Not included). Easy to operate. Suitable for rechargeable batteries.

Important tips for care and maintenance:

  • Avoid touching the gel pads and keep them away from dust and other impurities. Return the clear plastic Gel cover after use to prevent impurities settling on the GEL.
  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry before use. Clean affected area with soap and water (natural oils can affect the adhesive surface of the gel pads)
  • Remove any hair from treated area as this can affect adhesive qualities of gel pads
  • To extend the life of the gel pads (if you notice dryness or loss of stickiness) add a few drops of water to affected pad and then re-attach to plastic film for storage
  • Cover the pads with the provided plastic film after use, and store in a cool dry place
  • The conductive gel adhesive pad is water-based and so if it becomes saturated (e.g. from perspiration), it will lose some of its adhesive qualities. If this happens, after use, leave the pads face-up overnight to dry out and then cover pad with provided film
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