IMPORTANT NOTICE: Google has introduced a very distinct separation within Android namely, devices which are Google Certified (DRM Widevine L1) and those which are not (Widevine L3). Widevine is a 'Digital Copyrights Management System'. Effectively if your personal viewing pleasure includes both L1 and L3 apps then you will need to consider having 2x TV Boxes.

Google Certified devices are all Widevine L1: Legitimate paid subscription apps will run on these TV Boxes, such as DStv Now, Netflix (Full or UHD), etc. Models: KM9 and Ematic. (L3 apps will install but not run on these boxes - video and audio is corrupted).

NON-Google Certified devices are all Widevine L3. (open source TV Boxes) Legitimate paid apps will NOT run on these TV Boxes. L1 apps will return a 'Video Playback' or 'Google Certification' error. App examples: MoviesHD, Mobdro etc. (Note: Henrac Tech does not support these apps, informative only). The Netflix SD version (540p icon with a black background) is however supported on L3 devices. Models: H96, M8S, HTX, all other.

Free apps such as Youtube, Redbull TV, News apk's etc will run on both L1 and L3 TV Boxes

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