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Daily TV Maintenance and Factory Reset

In order to ensure optimum performance of your TV Box at all times it is recommended to regularly

1. ‘close’ all open apps and

2. clear the the ‘cache’. 

These two process should be completed as often as possible but at least twice weekly. If not completed your RAM capacity may be reached resulting in significantly reduced performance. Note switching your TV box ON and OFF or even power cycling it (removing power to the TV box) does not clear the cache or close all apps as they are stored in the RAM.

1. Closing all applications:

MXQ series: Select ALT +TAB on your keyboard

H96 / TX3 mini series: Select the ‘Square’ symbol on the tool bar which appears at the bottom of your screen. A list of all open applications which occupy space on your RAM will be listed. To reopen the tool bar move your mouse cursor to the very bottom of the screen, ‘left click and hold’ and in a fast single motion move the cursor up.

Wait a few seconds for a ‘X’ symbol to appear on the top right of each application listed. You can ‘left click and hold’ to  move any of the apps up or down. Close the apps you do not intend to use now by selecting the ‘X’ or alternatively after a few more seconds the text ‘Clear All’ will appear at the top right above all the applications – select ‘clear all’. 

2. Clear the Cache

Every time you open any application e.g YouTube a large amount of data is stored in the Cache. To check this from your launcher (home screen) select ‘Settings’ then from the drop down menu select ‘Apps’ wait a few seconds for your installed apps to appear. Scroll down to any applications you have used a often and select it. Scroll down to data and cache. The volume of cache space been used will indicated in MB. You have the option in this mode to manually clear the cache but this cumbersome – see below tool.

We recommend the ‘Clean Master’ tool – click on the icon / link at the very bottom to download it. Once installed, open the app and select ‘get started’ then select the ‘Junk’ folder. Once the tool has indicated the volume in MB to be cleaned select ‘Clean Junk’ at the bottom. To verify it worked do the manual check as above again, cache should now be ‘cleared’

Note: if you are using an alternate cache cleaning tool, pls manually check that it works as most tools indicate the cache has been cleared but do in fact, not clear anything.

Factory ‘Reset’ your TV Box

If the above ‘daily maintenance’ does not resolve your issue you may as a last resort factory reset your tv box.

Note: a factory reset will remove all applications and changes you have made to the box since you first switched it on, meaning it will revert back to way it was shipped.

1. Backup you Apps to a external USB flash / memory stick

Because of the above it is recommended to first backup all your applications on to a USB flash. The intention is to backup the apps you use before undertaking an factory reset and then to ‘restore’ them back on the box after the reset has completed. We recommend using the app Backup  & Restore. Click on the icon / link at the very bottom to download it. Once you have completed the backup via app the files will still be on your tv box itself under the heading ‘ ‘. Using the File explorer select this file and then copy and paste it.

2. Factory Resetting your TV Box

Their are two methods to reset your tv box. If you are still able to navigate the box then use method 1 – Soft factory reset through settings . If the box does not boot or is completely frozen (even after a power cycle – removing /replace power supply) then use method 2. Hard factory reset

Method 1.  –  A Soft factory Reset: go to settings -> more settings  -> scroll till you see back up and restore -> select factory data reset (the device will then shut down and do a complete data reset) Please give the device 10-15 minutes to fully boot up.

Method 2.  A Hard Factory reset: each TV Box has a very small hole located on it. Remove the power cable from the tv box. Insert a paperclip into the small hole (you will here a click) keep the clip pressed and insert the power. Hold the pin down for roughly 10 seconds once power has been inserted and release the pin. The device will then boot up into its BIOS menu where you will be able to scroll and select factory data reset.   

Please note the Reset pin is located at different areas on the following devices: The H96Pro  reset pin is located next to USB slots 3 and 4 – The rest pin on the Tx3mini is located on the bottom of the device just above the SD card slot – The rest pin on the MXQpro series is located in the AV slot at the back of the device  

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TV Box Backup and Restore
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